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Copper Wire Jewelry and Accessories

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Hill Girl Crafts creator Brynn Deakins-Hull has always been interested in the beauty of wire wrapping and weaving, from taking a raw pice of wire and creating something completely different in it’s new form, the possibilities are endless. When the hit movies The Lord of the Rings came out, the than 14 year old Brynn was in love with the beautiful jewelry and accessories from the films. Though the jewelry from the films were created from casting the materials, it inspired her to try and create some of the pieces out of wire and recreated a couple of the belts. Over the years Brynn fiddled with wire and being mostly self thought through studying pictures, watching videos, she learned the different techniques needed in working wire and continues to apply it to her wire work today.

Behind the name…

The name “Hill Girl” comes from the Artist and Owner’s name. The meaning of her first name Brynn means “Hill” or “Small Mound”, and her middle name Colleen means “Girl”. As a life long nickname, Brynn decided to trade under the name as well.

Hill Girl Crafts officially launched in the winter of 2014 creating wire wrapped rings at local markets. Since then Brynn creates more than just rings including necklaces and pendants, earrings, bracelets, shawl pins and more. Brynn moved to beautiful Nelson county in 2011 after the marriage to her husband Wesley and was inspired by the beautiful woods around their little home to start creating her tree of life pendants. She is a stay at home mom to their three small children Jeremiah, Bonnie and Leif and much of her creative time for her jewelry is scheduled around when they’re sleeping with lots of early mornins and late nights in the studio.

Most of her jewelry are one of kinds especially the Tree of Life pendants that she creates as no two trees are alike. Copper is primary the main metal used in her jewelry, but she also creates sterling silver pieces in limited quantity. Lots of her jewelry is highlighted with precious and semi-precious stones and beads. She is drawn more to the “natural raw beauty” of stones, and although she uses some polished cut stones, the “rough cut” stones make up much of her work and loves to use the beautiful naturally tumbled blue quartz that she finds around her home and the rivers in her home state of Virginia.

In 2017, Brynn was accepted into the Virginia Artisans Center of Virginia where you can visit her studio by setting an appointment. She is honored to be amongst such talented Artisans across the state of Virginia.


Brynn Deakins-Hull

(703) 963 - 9239



1416 Highland Drive
Howardsville, VA 24562

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