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Joshua was a gymnast and knew the value of working
hard. His hands were calloused from the daily disciplines of his sport and
a love of woodworking; but his calloused hands were tender with his siblings
and in service. Joshua’s Hands was established in celebration of this
wonderful young man.

Our EDUCATIONAL efforts focus on American Heritage Education and Teen Safe Driving.

American Heritage Education

Our goal is to bring together master artists and interested novices in a hands-on learning

environment. Currently, our heritage programming includes our Valiant Warrior
project and Station Stitchers. Both projects engage hundreds of volunteers who
learn and mentor quilting skills. Quilts
made through the Valiant Warrior project are for those who are wounded in
service to our country. Those made by the Station Stitchers are for patients at
Loudoun Hospital (VA).

The ten-day Valiant
Warrior Quilting Event takes place in January and July. Since 2011, we have
made 1500+ quilts through this labor of love. Volunteers at any skill level are

we offer classes in fiber arts and aspire to expand our class offerings. Our
goal is to establish a learning center to further the work of Joshua’s Hands.

Teen Safe Driving

If there’s an opportunity to share with young people about safe driving, we’ll take it! Mrs. Guthrie shares

the story of Joshua’s accident in a variety of settings in hopes that his life
and death will make a difference – encouraging young drivers and their parents
to drive safely (DVD available). We have also produced a car magnet to help
alert veteran drivers to give new drivers a little more space and grace as they
learn to drive.

Our SERVICE efforts are exemplified in a variety of projects.

Community Service

Joshua’s Hands encourages willing hands and servant hearts. We provide opportunities for
people of all ages to funnel their energy and compassion into worthy projects with
tangible outcomes. Many of our young volunteers are excited to document their
service hours for their school clubs, service organizations and high school
resumes. It is part of the essence of Joshua’s Hands to cultivate volunteerism
and community involvement.

Our partnership with Panera Bread Company is an example of our community service. Teams
of volunteers pick up donations at day’s end. This bread is then
distributed to multiple locations serving the community. Through this effort,
we distribute approximately $25,000 worth of food annually.


Joshua’s Hands provides scholarship funds to Precept Ministries (TN) for their Teen Boot
Camps. We also offer A Servant’s Heart scholarships – college assistance for
graduating Loudoun County (VA) seniors. The theme is – A Servant’s Heart:
Choosing to Serve. To date, we have awarded more than $33,000 in scholarships.


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