Matthew J Leavell, Artist

Juried Artisan

Vibrant, Whimsical, and Eclectic metal sculpture by Mathews County, Virginia Artist Matthew J. Leavell

By Appointment only. Matthew travels extensively to exhibit and install his artwork. Contact us by phone or email to inquire as to whether the Mobjack, Virgina studio and sculpture garden will be open during your visit.

Member of Trail Networks:
River to Bay Artisan Trail (site #11)

Professional Distinction: Commission/Custom Work, Exhibition, Public Art/Installations

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?Whimsical, vibrant, eclectic, and often eccentric sculpture created and displayed on the shores of Mobjack Bay in the quaint, historic village of Mobjack, Virginia.

Award winning sculptor Matthew J. Leavell creates whimsical, colorful, and unique sculptural work from his small studio on the banks of Mobjack Bay in the quaint and historic village of Mobjack Virginia. Matthew’s work has been exhibited in over 80 exhibits, shows, and competitions in over a dozen Eastern U.S. states. His sculptures have been installed in public parks, public and private gardens, as well as businesses and residences nationwide. While the subject matter and feel of his work varies with his mood and inspiration, he is known for his remarkably vibrant botanical sculptures which glean inspiration from the likes of Theodor Suess Geisel and Lewis Carol. The scale of Matthew’s work ranges from small, easily transportable botanical pieces to monument scale work suitable for Public installation.

Matthew’s artist’s statement reads as follows:

“My work is often created using recycled, salvaged, and upcycled raw materials which bring their own unique history and character to a sculpture. I see an abandoned or discarded piece of rusted steel as a literal representation of a broken life, an abandoned dream, or a damaged relationship. Salvaging such materials and through inspiration, creativity, hard work, and persistence creating an entirely new and beautiful work of art, is not only a personally fulfilling process, but one that stands as an analogy of the nature of life in general. I strive to create art which is vibrant, eclectic, and whimsical, and to create enduring reminders to myself and others of those elements in our shared human existence which are beautiful, joyful, and life-giving.”

Matthews Mobjack Studio is a modest outbuilding overlooking a field which serves as a sculpture garden, bordered by a tidal creek and a rickety old dock. The quaint solitude of Mobjack village has proved an ideal locale for Matthew to focus on his work, and he makes no attempt to create a polished, gallery like setting. A visit to Matthew’s Mobjack studio provides a raw, authentic look into the life of a successful working artist, and is decidedly laid back with a warm, welcoming feel. The sculpture garden and the nearby Mobjack waterfront make for a peaceful stroll, and Matthew is always available for open discussions of art, technique, business, and life. The studio itself is open to an at-grade paved parking area and can be regarded as reasonably handicap accessible. The sculpture garden consists of a number of completed larger works displayed on sculpture pads throughout a turf covered field, and could prove not handicap accessible, especially in inclement weather due to soft ground, though there are driving paths on two sides of the field where the work could be viewed from a vehicle. A member of the Made In Mathew’s Open Studio Tour, as well as the River To Bay Artisan Trail, Matthew’s site is but one of a number of working studios and points of interest in the greater Mathews area. For more information visit Matthew’s website at


Matthew J. Leavell




34 Pearl Street
Foster, VA 23056

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