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We are a family farm that has been in the Good Family since 1852. We have a portable sawmill, dry kiln and small woodshop to provide custom furniture of heirloom quality to your exact specifications and desires. We do keep some custom designed furniture on hand, but primarily do commission pieces. We prefer to make, shaker and farmhouse and more traditional furniture all the way into Victorian era but we will make any type of unique order from live edge, to pieces you come up with or we come up with together. We also do some refinishing of furniture, prepare counters, mantles etc but we do not do work on the installation. We happily walk you through the process of picking the lumber out, design, going through stains and finishes etc if you wish and that will stand the test of time and hopefully one day be past on to the next generation.

We also provide Dimensional lumber in ash, cherry, cedar, red and white oak, walnut, maple and more and we have a vast amount of live edge aka natural edge and slabs and unique pieces that are stored away as we come across them. We also carry reclaimed lumber as we come across it.

We also provide sawmill services on site, you bring the logs to us or we can bring the mill to your location and saw. We do much more then just sawing the lumber as there a great deal of considerations to think of when sawing a log. Along with the sawing of the logs into lumber we can then further process it by drying it in our kiln after it has been air dried.

We have also do custom flooring, paneling, and trim in houses with our services or any unique architectural features that you can come up with. We strive for customer satisfaction and attention to details throughout the entire process. from logs, lumber, drying to the finest details of the furniture.


Aaron Coffman

(540) 421-6781, (540) 383-4731



13285 Turleytown Rd
Broadway, VA 22815

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