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Since the 18th Century, the County of Bath has attracted travelers from all over the world. Today that same gracious hospitality is still widely recognized with each village in the County offering its special brand of small town southern charm. From quaint inns to the luxurious Homestead Resort and Spa ( the County offers a variety of inviting accommodations ( Natural Retreats ( offers well appointed homes along with unique concierge and guest hospitality services. And for those who prefer the great outdoors, we also have several campgrounds that are ideal for pitching a tent under, clear, dark, starlit skies. Famous for its mineral springs, outdoor recreation and cultural arts, the County of Bath is a captivating four-season destination. With attractions such as skiing, snowboarding and skating in the winter and golfing, hiking, biking, fishing throughout the year Bath County has something for everyone. When you visit you can see a variety of wildlife such as deer, bear and wild turkey. We even have alpacas (! Most visitors are pleasantly surprised when they see what the County of Bath offers art and music enthusiasts. You will find a dynamic mix of art galleries and specialty stores. The galleries showcase works by local artists, as well as artists who have wide regional or national recognition. Whether you are looking for a decorative piece, or a gift for someone who couldn’t make the trip, you will find something unique at our locally owned shops and galleries. If music is your preference, The Garth Newel Music Center ( plays host to over 60 performances a year. Enjoy concerts by the renowned Garth Newel Piano Quartet as well as numerous guest artists, performing everything from Beethoven to Bluegrass and Brahms to the Blues. Bath County is home to a local stage troupe The Mountain Valley Players who mount several productions a years. And, every July the County is host to the Bath County art show with over 700 paintings, sculptures and photographs on display. Enjoy the beautiful fall colors, the crisp, cool breezes, the clear streams and discover Bath County. Find something remarkable. ( It’s closer than you think.


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