Current Reflections, Robert Bilicki

Love to capture the essence of The Eastern Shore of Virginia with oil on canvas


Weekends 12 Noon to 4 PM and by Appointment - 757-787-3706

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Professional Distinction: Commission/Custom Work, Consignment/Retail, Demonstrations, Exhibition, Public Art/Installations, Wholesale Production

Inspired by the ever changing shapes and colors of the Eastern Shore of Virginia, Robert Bilicki seeks to capture an occasion that we all dream of the shoreline and create a lasting memorable moment in time. As the natural beauty of the marsh and the waters colors ebbs and flows with each season, or while the abandoned homes still stand iconically, proud, and majestic, a moment in time is created to reflect on where we’ve been in our past. These paintings by me as well as my friends stimulate with viewers through their own imagination a connection to the beauty that we see.

Color and Composition is the unifying factor in Bilicki’s and all the artist work in our gallery. A frequent “come here” thanks to his parents Dan and Anita to the Eastern Shore for well over 30 years. Bilicki aims to present the quiet solitude of a past that often may be taken for granted from a commuter’s perspective to the shore. As an artist and a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Bilicki wants to celebrate Virginia, through vivid colors, painterly brush strokes, and impressionistic forms, with each of the artist on display at his gallery.

A graduate of PARSON’S School of Design, BFA in Sculpture and Painting, ‘81 Bilicki took his design skills initially to the Waldorf=Astoria, while serving as the Maître D’ Hotel of the Main Dining Room- Peacock Alley, and transition to the Asst. Director of Planning & Design, he was able to contribute his design skills toward a Grande Dame Hotel in a rehabilitation career for hotel renovations and restorations. Currently working as a Construction Manager for John Moriarty Associates, he continues to cultivate his design and sculptural skills with each developer, architect and owner. While in his spare time he continues to paint regularly at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, in order to maintain his creativity, thanks to his lovely wife Julia Anne Etheridge, who has always provided continued encouragement for well over 35 years.


Robert Bilicki




8 Main Street Wachapreague, VA
Wachapreague, VA 23480

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