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Graphic Art, Design, Comic books, Illustrations, Multimedia

Mon-Thurs 5:45-10:45PM (or midnight) Friday 5:45-midnight (or 2 AM) Saturday 9a-10pm (alternate noon-9pm) HOURS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

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Dominion Multimedia LLC is a small in​-home graphic design company and art gallery located at 3329 York Circle, Exmore, VA 23350, providing the best in graphic art/design and printed media at reasonable prices! A member of the Virginia’s Eastern Shore Artisan Trail.

EMAIL: Also on Twitter and Facebook.

Dominion Multimedia LLC is a small, in-home graphic design company and art gallery. The gallery and showroom include a small upstairs work area and conference room (called “Old Upstairs” simply because this is where it all started), and a workstation and office downstairs (sketch time services available).

Dominion Multimedia LLC offers and provides the very best in graphic art and printed media for a reasonable price. Anything from illustrations of people, places and things (i.e. pets and wildlife, houses), to business and greeting cards, murals and billboards. Ads. Custom made posters, comic books and graphic novels, ideas and designs, storyboards and fliers.

Dominion Multimedia is divided into four services:

  • DG Illustrations Art Gallery and Showroom - The flagship of the entire operation! Displayed on its walls are the best of the best of Dominion Multimedia. Also sell original art and prints, does art shows and events. Call for an appointment or simply stop by.

  • Sketchtime Mobile and Online Services - Located downstairs, Sketchtime is the “thinktank” and “Drive” of Dominion - where it creates and produces the best in graphic art and design! The majority of its products are made and sold by request and call-ins. Also has a mini-mobile unit wherein Sketchtime will set up (i.e. at restaurants, art shows, events, parties, get-togethers, reunions) and do “on the spot” pencil sketches of adults and children (even pets!). Live, via video on your mobile device (Tango, google hangout or Skype) or a snapshot and uses it as a reference point to do the sketch, “while you wait!” Also have online webcam. Call for appointment.

• Victory Comics Enterprises- Christian/Inspirational Production Services

——ranging from Comic Books and Graphic Novels to soon TV , INTERNET AND

ANIMATION! All comics are still $5 dollars a copy!

Please visit the website:

  • Dominion Courier Newsmagazine - Dominion’s premier news media source! Also does ads and classifieds for a reasonable price!

Please contact graphic artist, general manager and founder, Stevon Sample for an appointment at: 757-709-2569 (Business) 757-344-5697 (Home) or Email:

Find him on Facebook at

DG Illustrations;

Stevon Sample (Dominion Multimedia llc)

Victory Comics- Dominion Multimedia llc

Dominion Multimedia LLC



757-709-2569 (business); 757-344-5697 (home)



3329 York Circle
Exmore, VA 23350

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