Dream Haven Studio, Paula Morris

A beautiful collection of local arts and antiques in an 1841 historic church.


Sat. 10am to 5pm, Sun. noon to 5pm (Book Fair weekends only)

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Artist Paula Morris’ dream house had to be “eccentric and electric”-a dwelling that was never intended to be a home. Her dream came true when she bought an 1841 building that had been a former church, school, and headquarters for a Confederate infantry.

When Paula bought the old church, it wasn’t much. Now, the mowed lawn has flower and vegetable gardens. The building serves as her home, art studio, and an antique and gift shop.

To take something with historical value and save it, Paula said, is a “Wow” experience. Still researching the history, Paula has gleaned information from books and people familar with the area. The original wooden building, built in 1841 as a Baptist church, was constructed in Mount Crawford a few miles away. This original church had a cemetary behind it, and Paula, along with her son, and a few friends are refurbishing it now. The church structure, now brick, has high ceilings, 98 inch windows, wide pine floorboards and the original front door with peg fastenings. There are even the worn places in the floor where the preachers stood to deliver the sermons.

During the Civil War, the 61st. Georgia Voluntary Infantry was headquartered at the church. After the war, the infantry’s pastor stayed to re-establish the Baptist congregation. It was the only Baptist church in the Shenandoah Valley between Winchester and Lexington according to Paula’s research. From the late 1800’s through the turn of the century, the building was also used as a school. Paula believes that the building was moved from Mount Crawford in the early 1900’s. She was told that metal strps were attached to the building and an earthen dam was built for crossing a creek.

Paula believes that everyone should have a dream and everyone should have a haven. I absolutely love being here. The fields, views and stars are more of a haven than being a church.

Paula says: “Please stop by and see my beautiful church, art, and shop.”



1785 N River Rd
Mount Crawford, VA 22841

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