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I have loved color and creating from the time I was young. Old buildings also left an indelible mark on my memory.

In following those muses, I became an Interior Designer and Historic Preservationist and now have a multifaceted business. My most recent work includes a library design and installation, as well as a master bathroom renovation in Shepherdstown, WV. My husband and I also worked for years on a ‘from the ground up’ restoration of an 1856 brick house in the Civil War village of Rohrersville, MD.

I am ultimately a maker/creator. I see creative possibilities in everything and every material around me, so I embrace all mediums.

In the warmer months of the year, you will find me in the garden - planting, weeding, building dry rock walls, as well as harvesting my own organic lavender to hand make lavender wands. I may also be designing and putting together flowers for a wedding. I tend to use this quieter time of year to reorganize my shop and workroom, and to organize my year to come.

In the cooler months I harvest Sweet Annie to sell, create wreaths out of vintage materials for Christmas, and make small vignettes out of various vintage pieces.

In October you can find me volunteering at The Ladies Board Hospital Sale at Morven Park in Leesburg, Virginia, taking the reins of the Lingerie Department. In November, I run the Attic Treasures Department at the St. Mary’s Holiday Bazaar up in York, Pennsylvania.

I am also a lover of vintage - including the appreciation of the ecofriendly aspect. I ‘cool hunt’ where ever I go. I am always on the lookout for the ‘wonderful’, the ‘wow’, and the ‘oh my gosh you’re joking!’.

I hunt for the sublime, and equally as much for the ridiculous. Because we are never just one or the other.

Throughout the year I make ribbon wreaths, put together greeting cards from recycled materials, embroider bits of vintage fabrics. I enjoy making jewelry - two of my current favorites are my Wanderlust collection which is all about travel, and my Bohemian Bling made of mixed materials for bracelets and necklaces.

My past work includes renovating corporate headquarters, designing the interiors of the home of Ex-Governor John Connally and his wife Nellie. Projects have been as simple as color selections, through the complexity of complete interiors of homes valued over 2 million dollars. My current love is working with homeowners to refine their style - using the items that they already have in their homes. Not only is this eco-friendly, it is budget friendly.

My history endeavors included work and contributions on several books, the restoration of 4 homes, lectures on architecture/restoration, and historic walking tours.

Vintage adventures have included products being used in ad campaigns, (including Tommy Hilfiger), photo props for artists, items chosen for feature on Etsy and Artfire - both on site and in mass emails, and sending off items worldwide.

My handmade products have been featured on the Today Show,, and published in Pushing the Envelope, by Lark Books, as well as finding happy spots in thousands of homes.


Elizabeth Nolin Pickett




16910 Berry Bramble Ln
Paeonian Springs, VA 20129

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