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Farmstead Ferments has a small farm located outside of Charlottesville, VA, and have just opened our Farmstead Ferments Mercantile storefront at 330 Valley Street in Scottsville. On our farm we grow and harvest (using organic and biodynamic practices) most of the various vegetables that we use in our products. What we don’t grow ourselves we source from our local farming community, ensuring that our products, our local economy, and our Earth is healthy.

We are a family of fermentation artists, gardeners, herbalists, local food advocates and community builders. Our kraut kitchen, located in Scottsville, VA, is a place of constant creative flow. The vegetables coming in from the field and their flavors are ever-evolving and inspired by everything we’ve grown before. This keeps production exciting for both our team members and our clients.

Farmstead Ferments are never pasteurized, so these wholesome, nutritious, and delicious foods are absolutely loaded with life force and teeming with electrolytes, enzymes, and probiotics. It brings us great joy to have seen our small business grow in such a way as to provide us with a livelihood doing what we love while feeding our community healthy and probiotic-rich foods of the highest quality. We feel better when we eat these foods and hope that you will too.

You can find our products in many places (Click here for a list of locations by city), but only at our store do you have access to the entire variety of products we have to offer, as well as organic bulk foods, fresh farm produce, and more to come!


Dawn Story

(434) 286-3302



330 Valley Street
Scottsville, VA 24590

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