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Geoff and Lori DeMark are independent artists who share a studio space.

Geoff DeMark works with functional forms, primarily starting on the wheel. He alters some of the forms by pushing, pressing, and cutting. A simple manipulation can transform surface and shape. Geoff’s intent is to have interactions with his work that are visual, physical, and functional. Geoff work tends to have components that have contrasting characteristics. When looking at his teapots, the bodies are thrown with clean lines, focusing on symmetrical form. Once cut, the form changes to something that has movement and flow. The handles change in size, shape and direction. Spouts narrow and widen. The knobs are small sculptures, organic and individual.

Lori DeMark’s designs are created using sterling silver, brass, glass beads, stoneware or porcelain clay. The majority of her designs include earrings, necklaces, and pendants.

Metal jewelry… Sterling silver and brass metals are forged using a cold hammering technique or embossed on a press. She uses a printmaking press with a zinc plate to emboss designs into material. Metal is then bent or formed into one-of-a-kind unique designs. Some pieces are soldered with brass while others are embellished with glass or stone beads that are hand selected for each design.

Ceramic designs… Clay pendants and earrings are created using traditional stoneware. Porcelain clay is glaze fired to cone 5 or 6. Clay is stamp pressed using the artist’s own designs and found seed pods. Clay jewelry is finished with silver and/or leather findings.


Lori and Geoff DeMark




511 S Nursery Ave
Purcellville, VA 20132

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