Perennial Roots Farm

Biodynamic Agriculture on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

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We are nurturing our farm into an independent organism. Our farm is home to American Mulefoot hogs, New Zealand Kune Kune pigs, Gulf Coast Native sheep, Black Spanish turkeys, American Silver Fox rabbits, Delaware chickens, Cotton Patch geese, & more! We raise heritage breed animals and heirloom non-GMO open pollenated vegetables. We are committed to organic and chemical-free farming, but more: with a concrete responsibility towards all beings—not just humans and not just other animals—our ethical obligation includes plants, and even the smallest living entities: microbes. How we treat our animals and plants (and invisible beings) are definable in terms of our humanity. Our animals need to live according to their nature, and our plants need to be free to adapt to our climate, and the invisible forces on the farm need nourishment too. We feed the invisible world on our farm with conscientious composting, cycling nutrients and connecting the farm organism to the greater cosmos.


Natalie McGill and Stewart Lundy




23421 Decormis St.
Accomac, VA 23301

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