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My studio will be open for the ACV “Second Saturday” events as often as possible! On May 12th I plan an open studio between 2-5 pm. Currently I’m working on local landscapes, equestrian, and Southern monument themes. I am getting ready for two regional shows where I plan to display works with these themes, so I will be working on pieces for these shows. I will be happy to show visitors recent works and explain what I am trying to achieve with unfinished pieces, as well as the genesis of these works. I love talking about the artistic process (which is something I’ve done a lot of as an art teacher)! My recent media focus has been watercolor and colored pencil, but I’m also planning to work with oils again soon. Visitors with a love for the outdoors will really enjoy our little neck of the woods. We’re within sight of the Rappahannock River and right across the road from a lovely section of Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge bordering Farnham Creek. And mid-May is when the pink laurel bushes are usually blooming; our road and the Laurel Grove RRVNWR pond are lined with them! (I have a plein air piece of that theme on hand.) Hope to see you!

My interest in art stems from my childhood, as I was raised in a family where art was cherished. My father was a classically trained artist and architect who taught drawing for a time at the Corcoran School of Art, so I was blessed to have art instruction from an early age. My earliest images were of horses, and they have remained a life-long fascination. Because we had a large family, horse ownership was impractical, so I found myself absorbed with creating them on paper. My greatest desire was to show the beauty of their movement.

After studying fine art at the American University in Washington, DC, I worked for horse farms and tried to pursue my art on the side. I Illustrated for various horse publications, including Equus and Polo magazines. In the late 1980’s I had an unexpected opportunity to work for the Reagan White House, so I decided to put my art aside for a time to pursue this secondary interest. In the 1990’s and early 2000’s I began showing my work in venues including American Academy of Equine Art shows, polo clubs, the Kentucky Derby Museum, and the Cheyenne Frontier Museum. I also made illustrations of religious and family themes for the Respect life Program for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

In 2003 my husband and I moved to the Northern Neck of Virginia, fulfilling our life-long dreams of living in the countryside. My art had to be put aside again for a time due to the demands of “extreme commuting” to Washington, providing art lessons to homeschooled students, and homeschooling our son. It has only been rather recently that I have begun to find the time to produce art again. Amazingly, my teenage sons also love riding, so we enjoy trail riding in this beautiful area and attending horse events in the region. While they aspire to compete in speed events, I aspire to draw and paint them well! (I have come to be especially fascinated with western art themes such as rodeo.) So I am most grateful to live and work in this very special place. I also enjoy drawing and painting local nature scenes and wildlife. There is no end of inspiring subject matter to be found in this land of watermen, farmers, statesmen and presidents.

I would like to make a final note regarding my artistic influences. Among my favorite artists are Eugene Delacroix, Reubens, Rembrandt and Da Vinci. I love the passion, drama, and lyricism of these artists, and I have tried to follow their lead in becoming a student of nature.


Dolores Flessner

(804) 394-3264


21 Little Florida Rd
Farnham, VA 22460

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