Smithfield Farm Bed and Breakfast

Enjoy a luxurious stay on a REAL WORKING FARM!

9:00am to 9:00pm

Member of Trail Networks:

Virginia Oyster Trail Site Number: 145875

Smithfield Farm is also the home to Smith Meadows Meats. ​

At Smith Meadows, we take great pride in our mission to create a healthy farm environment, thereby producing healthy and contented animals.
Our cattle, pigs, sheep and chickens are regularly rotated to a fresh paddock of grass. All of our animals are handled humanely from the day they are born. They are never fed animal by-products, given growth hormones or antibiotics.In addition, the pastures have not been chemically fertilized or treated with pesticides and herbicides. Additionally we have fresh eggs and homemade pasta and all of our products are available in our farm store. La Capretta Studio features works of the resident artist Nancy Polo.


Betsy & Ruth Pritchard




568 Smithfield Ln
Berryville, VA 22611


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