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When Beth Lindamood puts the finishing touches on her

carpetbags, there usually is a moment when she wonders where this authentic
reproduction will go. Maybe a Civil War
re-enactor will buy it to make it part of their campsite. It could be a present
for a woman who loves to knit wants a special bag for her yarn and needles. Or
it could end up on the set of a Western movie as the character waits to be
picked up by a train.

“It’s a little unreal,” she said, “to see my bags on TV or
in a movie.” The scene described above was from the hit TV show Western “Hell
on Wheels.” She gets many requests from regional theaters who want a carpetbag
for their productions of “Mary Poppins.” She usually provides them with two
bags - one to be carried and one that has an opening in the bottom so that
Mary’s giant treasures can be pulled from it. Carpetbagger bags have also be in
big screen movies like “The Lone Ranger,” “Tombstone,” “Gettysburg” and
“Amistad.” More recently she sent bags to a Broadway production of “A Little Night
Music” and even to the soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

What makes Carpetbagger bags so desirable? The detailed work
and rich fabrics of each handmade reproduction add an air of authenticity.
Whether the owner wants to use it for traveling or as a prop in a show, a
Carpetbagger bag helps the owner make his or her own statement.

In addition to the traditional Carpetbagger bag, Beth also
makes tapestry purses, handbags and haversacks. She also makes a full-size
garment bag. She also will make special orders if a customer is looking for
particular details.

Beth has owned a shoe repair shop – LB’s Shoe Repair - in
the historic Shenandoah Valley town of Woodstock, Virginia, for almost 30
years. The decision to add carpetbags to her business was not an easy one
because she is essentially a one-woman shop. “I had to make sure I would have
the time,” she said. The popularity of her product has presented some
challenges when large orders come in, but Beth always rises to the challenge as
when a woman ordered 35 bags at once! She has shipped Carpetbags to each state
in the union and to 13 foreign countries.

It may seem that owning a shoe repair shop in the 21st
century is a little out of place, but she has many loyal customers who
appreciate her time-learned skills. The leap to owning The Carpetbagger line
was a short one. “I guess I am not a very contemporary person,” she said with a
smile. “I love old-fashioned things that touch memories and make people feel


Lodema Beth Lindamood



140 West Court ST
Woodstock, VA 22664

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